Tuesday, September 26, 2006

AUDIO>> Last Night

...was the premiere broadcast of Daniel Britt & Friends on XM 34, enLighten.

I'm working on a page here at danielbritt.com devoted to the show, where you can find upcoming programming info and other program-related details. I'll let you know as soon as it's available. Don't forget you can also sign-up for the Daniel Britt & Friends email newsletter to stay abreast of upcoming guests and promotions.

I'm also thinking about a way to better categorize the interviews - alphabetically comes to mind. I may try and also categorize them by subject matter (separating the musicians from the authors, etc...). Let me know your thoughts on that (you can email me or comment on this post below).

Back to last night: we listened to the show with some friends, my wife took a picture of my XM Radio display, then we went to eat with some friends.

Afterwards, Dan Dixon from XM called and we went on AMERICA channel 10, live, to talk about my new program. He asked me for a good Southern Gospel selection to introduce the non-SG world to the music and "Shoutin' Time" by the Hoppers came to mind.

Here's the audio from the live bit on America 10 last night with Dan Dixon and me.



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