Wednesday, March 21, 2007

XM Special on Legacy Five, Bennett

I don't normally post on the blog much about upcoming shows of Daniel Britt & Friends on XM (really because you have several other places where you can keep up with that: the schedule page, the newsletter, or enlighten34).

However, there is a unique spotlight coming up that I thought you should know about.

Before Roger Bennett passed away on the 17th, we had plans already in place, and the broadcast fully produced, to air a special on Legacy Five the week of 3/26/07.

Now that Roger has passed, this interview and L5 spotlight will be even timelier. This is one of Roger's last interviews, recorded during NQC week 2006, just following the news of his leukemia relapse.

There's a lot of conversation with Roger in this special where he talks very candidly about his health struggles and some hard places where he has walked.

You will notice a tribute to Roger just before the produced broadcast airs. This edition of the program will last over an hour.

Here's the official synopsis of next week's show:

Coming up on the next Daniel Britt & Friends: In the quartet world of gospel singing, a group of FIVE guys may seem to be a quandary. Not so when talking about Legacy Five! This "quartet," with their talented pianist Roger Bennett, carries on a legacy the spans generations. You have the invitation to hear their music and share stories of their individual lives coming up. We've got them all sitting around our table with a place set for you, too. Glenn, Frank, the two Scotts and the one and only Roger are here for the hour. With the passing of Roger earlier this month, this interview provides one of the final opportunities for listeners to hear directly from his heart. It was recorded in September 2006, just a matter of days after Roger's reoccurrence of leukemia and he talked with us about that current situation he faced. In addition to the special hour-long highlight on Legacy Five, we also begin the program with a tribute to Roger Bennett. This is certainly a program worth holding out for and it's coming soon on Daniel Britt & Friends.

Daniel Britt & Friends is heard each week on XM Satellite Radio's enLighten 34 - Mondays at 7PM ET, Thursdays at 10PM ET, and Saturdays at 12 Noon ET. You can also hear it online at, at AOL Radio, or with DirecTV on channel 828. After the broadcast, you can download the extended interview from



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just listened to your interview with Legacy Five and wept to hear Roger's fabulous testimony of how the Lord took him through his valley. We love L5 and attended their March 2006 celebration in Nashville. It was the highlight of my gospel music life. I have been singing in a Cdn quartet for nearly 40 years and the Cats are my all time favorite quartet. There'll never be another one like it. However, L5 were a very close second and we will really miss Roger. What a reunion he must be having with Glenn and George! I look forward to hearing them again someday....soon!! Even so, come, Lord Jesus!!! Doug.

1:16 PM  

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