Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Southern Gospel added to Sirius lineup, survives XM merger

It's no longer a mystery or secret to keep. Tell the world! Southern Gospel programming not only survives the Sirius-XM merger, but flourishes on BOTH satellite platforms!

enLighten and its programs, including Daniel Britt & Friends and The Gospel Greats, will continue to be heard on both XM at channel 34 and on Sirius at channel 67.

In addition, the Gaither Homecoming Radio show is added to the enLighten family of programming.

Early estimates that I've seen for the combined Sirius+XM audience ranges as low as 17 million, and as high as 19 million. (The official number released by Sirius XM PR is "18 million.")

Another byproduct of this merger is the continued partnership between XM & DirecTV and Sirius & Dish Network. These satellite television services provide a simulcasted audio feed to their subscribers.

Certainly unofficial, I did a quick tabulation of subscribers to XM, Sirius, DirecTV, and Dish Network, and came up with a ballpark just under 50 million subscribers.

While that's strictly a very quick ballpark, it shows that Southern Gospel has a real chance to prove itself to an incredibly large number of people. Let us not disappoint!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was listening to Daniel Britt and friends on Monday night. I heard a song I really liked, but did not catch the artist or title. I think a line in the song was - " I was but a blind man, but now my eyes are clear" - does anyone know who sings that song or the title?


6:48 PM  

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