Monday, July 18, 2005

AUDIO: Buddy Greene with Bill Bruton and Daniel Britt

I found an old interview between (the late) Bill Bruton and Buddy Greene. (For those who do not know, Buddy is the co-writer of Mary Did You Know, with Mark Lowry). After the interview, Bill noticed Buddy had his harmonica with him and he started to play and, well, we started to sing.

Problem is... the few of us in the studio who were singing all had low-down radio type voices... so, as you can hear, we left much to be desired.

Where ARE the mountain movers when you need them?!

AUDIO: Click Here


Monday, July 11, 2005

I've Heard Your Cries!

You have spoken: you would like to see a different layout for the "Photos" section of the site. So, thanks to the design team at Picasa, one has been developed!

PLUS -- New pictures have been added. (Okay...truth be told, they're actually older photos, but new to the website). These are the pics I told you I found archived from WGKA recently. They include shots of me interviewing the Nelons and the Crabb Family as well as holding a guitar at a Legacy Five/Greater Vision concert. Head on over to see for yourself!


Gaither Vocal Band Hires New Tenor

His name is Wes Hampton. Gaithernet announced over the weekend the official naming of David Phelps' replacement.

I have yet to hear Wes - so for now, along with the Gaithernetters, I'll say too: his baby is adorable.


Saturday, July 09, 2005


Well, this hurricane looks nasty. Dennis has already killed a bunch of people in Cuba. Who knows exactly where it will hit. I just hope the season takes a break for our cruise to Mexico later this month!


Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Tony Greene

From SGLive365:

Tony Greene (THE GREENES) told a concert audience last week that he recently received a poor health report. Doctors says Tony's kidneys are failing.. and it seems that the future holds either dialysis or a transplant. Reports say Taranda (Tony's wife) has volunteered to be a living kidney donor. No further information is available at this time.. please keep Tony and Taranda in your prayers.


Replacement for David Phelps?

I got an email asking "Who will replace David Phelps?" Here's the only rumor I've heard:

Birmingham, Alabama resident WES HAMPTON sang the tenor part for the Gaither Vocal Band recently, after the David Phelps resignation was announced. Bill Gaither apparently introduced Hampton as someone being "carefully considered" for the vacant spot with GVB. An Internet search reveals that Hampton is presently a worship leader with The Church At Brook Hills in Birmingham.