The Bill Gaither Files

New! March 2007 -- Daniel Britt talks to Bill Gaither, primarily about the upcoming Atlanta Homecoming concert on April 13, 2007 -- but also about some other various topics, such as Give It Away, Homecoming Concert evolution, and the new guy Wes Hampton. Listen here >>

Daniel Britt and Mark Fuller called Bill Gaither at home on a Monday evening in the fall of 2003 to talk music, people, life and even radio! The audio clips below are portions of the unedited phone conversation. They are broken up into segments that are more manageable, since the entire interview lasted over 90 minutes! This is the first for more additions coming soon!
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Gaither Clip 1..."Hello...Mail-Orders to Atlanta...Bill's first song"

Gaither Clip 2..."Hovie Lister, Bill's Hero..."

Gaither Clip 3..."Homecoming: a star is born..."

Gaither Clip 4..."Distinct Early Sounds in Gospel Music..."

Gaither Clip 5..."Bill rearranging old tunes..."

Gaither Clip 6..."Bringing back to old songs...Bill Sings to us...Change...Daniel asks about the future of Southern Gospel Music"

Gaither Clip 7..."The Hayes Family...How should radio introduce the music: In Genres or Smorgasbord?...Bill has a word for Radio Programmers"


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