Gaither Vocal Band Welcomes New Baritone

After a careful selection process, the Gaither Vocal Band is pleased to announce that the new GVB baritone will be Marshall Hall! Marshall Hall, made his first appearance on the Homecoming Video Series five years ago when he stepped out for a solo during Memphis Homecoming. The song was called 'Searchin'. So when Bill began 'searchin' for a new baritone for the Gaither Vocal Band, Marshall was thrilled for a chance to step up to the challenge. After (quickly) learning more than 20 songs and singing with the Vocal Band during two Homecoming concert weekends, it was clear to audiences, artists and fellow-group-members alike that Marshall has what it takes to sing with the best. “The invitation to join the Gaither Vocal Band is so exciting and, honestly, really overwhelming!” Marshall told GaitherNet. “This is a huge responsibility which I do not take lightly! I just keep remembering God’s promise not to give us more than we can bear. I’ll be relying on Him a lot!” While Marshall is modest about his musical ability, his background and training have prepared him well for this new adventure. With a degree in music from Anderson University’s College of the Arts, where he originally began singing classical music, Marshall has earned his living since college as an accomplished studio singer. His long list of credits includes a variety of commercial work, back-up vocals for numerous well-known artists and Gaither Homecoming projects, plus appearances on Gaither Homecoming videos including: Memphis Homecoming, Oh, My, Glory!, Freedom Band and God Bless America . He has also served as a producer, songwriter and worship director and has had multiple international recording and performing opportunities. This decision was an extremely difficult one for Bill Gaither, who admits that the final vote could have gone a variety of different ways. “After hearing some really wonderful voices and taking into account all that each person we were considering could bring to the group, we feel that we have a good decision in choosing Marshall and we know that you will love him. He’s a great talent with a warm heart.”