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Daniel Britt has been on the radio since the age of 14 and has a combined broadcasting experience of over 18 years. Daniel is the Operations Manager for the highly successful Gospel Music radio network, Joy FM, headquartered in Winston-Salem, NC. He's also the co-host of Dove-nominated radio show, "The Morning JoyRide with Daniel, Candi, & Melody." Joy FM is the current Gospel Music Association's Radio Station of the Year (2010).

In addition, each week, 'Daniel Britt & Friends' is broadcast to all of North America (U.S. & Canada) on Sirius and XM Satellite Radio's enLighten. The show features interviews with Southern Gospel artists and their music and is broadcast at three convenient times to over 30 millilon subscribers on Sirius 67, XM 34, and Dish Network 6067. The show is also heard on Joy FM's radio network and in Papua New Guinea across a network of stations called Wantok Radio Light.

In 2009, Daniel celebrates 13 years in radio broadcasting alone, with a career that includes several radio networks such as the Toccoa Falls College Radio Network and Salem Communications. In addition to radio programming management, his passion remains with on-air broadcasting and serving as producer for other on-air programming.

As a lover of Southern Gospel music, Daniel has played the piano for over 20 years, with a major focus on Gospel and Church music. Daniel has served as an elder at First Presbyterian Church in Griffin, Georgia. He is married to Megan, they have one son and one daughter, and currently make their home in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

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Name: Daniel Britt
Born: Warner Robins, Georgia
Family: 1 wife, 1 son, 1 daughter

Previously lived:
... Warner Robins, Georgia
... Kathleen, Georgia
... Toccoa Falls, Georgia
... Norcross, Georgia
... Griffin (Atlanta), Georgia
Currently lives: Winston-Salem, North Carolina
... Music (piano since age 7)
Broadcasting (in radio since age 14, in TV since age 17)

Click to enlarge - Article Appeared in the Griffin Daily News, September 24, 2006
Click to enlarge - Article Appeared in the NewLife.FM Newsletter, February 2004

Full text of article below:

Local DJ to begin broadcasting show via satellite radio

Most people don't look forward to Mondays. For most, the start of the work week means it's the end of the weekend and back to the daily grind.

Not so for Daniel Britt. This Griffin resident is actually looking forward to work Monday, when a new job and some new circumstances will carry his voice nationwide for the first time.

Beginning tomorrow, Britt will begin broadcasting an hour-long radio show on XM Satellite Radio, a nationwide subscriber service that allows listeners to hear more than 100 channels 24 hours a day, commercial-free. Britt's show, "Daniel Britt and Friends." Will broadcast on the new Southern gospel channel enlighten 34 and will feature artists interviews and music selections from both past and present day.

"It's Southern gospel. It's a historic form of music," Britt said. "We're going to go down into the 40's, 50's, and 60's and also feature the new sounds coming out as well. The show is named, "Daniel Britt and friends, and that kind of has two parts. For one, the listeners are listening, and hopefully we'll be providing an intimate enough setting that they will feel like they're at the table with us. The other friends are the artists, the people we get to know."

Britt's first nationwide broadcast will be a tribute to Anthony Burger, the popular gospel pianist who died this year while performing on a Bill Gaither Homecoming cruise in the Caribbean. Britt will talk with Burger's wife and daughter and several of Burger's friends during the hour - a tribute that he finds fitting for his first XM Radio show, since Burger's death got him the gig.

"It's just really kind of a bizarre story," Britt said. "Since I followed gospel music (Burger's death) was a pretty big deal. I had the information on my Web site and XM Radio was doing research and found me. They called me back in early March, totally out of the blue. I was just a paying subscriber, a fan of XM Radio. It's really cool how it happened."

XM Radio officials were intrigued by Britt's personal profile and extensive broadcast experience, which centered around Southern gospel music. After a few discussions with the 24-year old Griffin resident, they were ready to give Britt his own show.

"After discovering Daniel this past spring, it quickly became apparent to my associate Dane Dixon and myself that the nationwide audience of enlighten should have the opportunity to hear what young Daniel has to offer," said Marlin Taylor, program director for XM Radio, in a prepared statement.

Contrary to what his age might suggest, Britt has a long career in radio broadcasting. He began sharing his love of Christian music with listeners when he was just 14.

"I didn't go to school for it", he said. "I had always wanted to work at a radio station. I always like live shows, unscripted shows. I was 14 in 1996 and the church I went to was a big supporter of the Christian radio station. The manager had enough faith in me to let me come in, and he put me on doing some spots."

Britt continued his work at the Warner Robins radio station until 2000, at which time he moved to the Toccoa Falls College Radio Network in Toccoa Falls. After that, Britt began work at the Fish in Atlanta, and he moved to Griffin in 2004 to work at WMVV. Britt will continue his full-time job at WMVV, working on the new XM Radio show in his spare time. Britt plans to broadcast "Daniel Britt and Friends" from his in-home studio.

"It's just convenient to do it from there on the weekend or at night when I get home, he said. "But it's cool to think about the fact that I'm sitting here in Griffin putting it together, and it will go up to Washington to a satellite and then go all over." Britt will produce one new show each week, but his show will air three times through the week at 7PM Mondays, 10PM Thursdays, and noon on Saturdays. Britt said the programming schedule was designed to let people hear his broadcast at a convenient time each week no matter what their time zone. He hopes the strategy works and draws in lots of listeners.

"The name Southern gospel implies that it comes from the South, but (other) people really do like it," Britt said. If I can do something educational and introduce people to how it got started, the more people who can honor the people who have paved the way. I think it's a great opportunity, and it mixes my love for gospel music and live radio. Anytime I can put those two together, it's a bonus."



Daniel Britt


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