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12/25/06 Daniel Britt Screaming Heads Brussels Sprouts recipe from Food Network that was mentioned in the David Phelps interview: CLICK HERE
12/18/06 Daniel Britt Money Saving Monday: Christmastime Savings on Christmas Cards: Send postcards or letters, instead of Christmas cards. In fact, you could even recycle last year's cards by cutting them in half and using it as a postcard. If you send postcards, whether purchased or homemade, remember they require less postage than a regular card! Christmas cards always go on sale better in December; this is one time when the early birds do not get the best deals. (of course you can also check just after Christmas too).
12/11/06 Daniel Britt Money Saving Monday: Financial lessons kids can take to the bank Once children pass the age of putting money in their mouths, it's time to teach them how to manage it. The problem is many kids don't understand the value of a dollar. "When I tell my son, 'I don't have any money,' one father's response is, 'Well, just go take your card and go to the machine and get some cash out dad'. They think that there's an endless supply and you just go get it out of the machine." Plus, as soon as most children get money, they spend it on things like video games, junk food and toys. Those kinds of habit are what prompted Indiana State Treasurer Tim Berry to take a trip around the state and teach students the ABC's of money management. He recommends making a financial plan with children saving through the rule of thirds. "Saving a third long-term, saving a third for short to medium term, something they really want that they can put that saving goal with, and then spending a third on their needs today." For young children, Berry suggests getting books that teach saving in a fun way. Also, have them put loose change in a piggy bank. Then, when they get older, start an allowance. It then becomes money they earn, not just receive. Since children's views on money are patterned after their parents, teach by example. "They see something and say, 'I got to have it now', but five minutes later maybe they don't really need it. If we're not making those instinct purchases, they won't be enticed to do the same." Finally, start a savings account for your child. Have them track the deposits and interest, so they know exactly how much they're making. Then set a savings goal, like money towards college. Children won't become savers overnight but experts say by starting young, and practicing good habits, they'll make good financial decisions when they grow up.
12/4/06 Daniel Britt Money Saving Monday: What's the price of a mistake? A new study suggests mistakes in credit reports are happening more often than you might think According to a new report by a consumer watchdog group, mistakes on consumer credit reports could be costing one in four people their good financial name. "Their reports can mix up with a total stranger, or mix up the accounts that you've actually paid or they could claim that you've got late payments that you don't really have or that you've got bankruptcies that are someone else's," says Ed Mierzwinski with the U.S. Public Information Research Group. The U.S. Public Interest Research Group surveyed 200 consumers and had them review their credit reports. Eight in ten had mistakes, but not always bad enough to damage consumer credit. "As consumers the most valuable thing we have is our good name. Hardworking, bill-paying Americans shouldn't be falsely listed as deadbeats by these powerful credit bureaus," says Mierzwinski. The credit bureaus say they don't want consumers listed that way either and have policies and procedures in place to protect consumers. Stuart Pratt with the Consumer Data Industry Association says, "We know there are not 25% of the credit reports out there that have errors that cause us to lose jobs or cause a decline for a loan. No, we can set aside a report that makes those allegations. We know we are taking the right steps today to ensure that date is accurate." Consumers can take steps as well by checking credit reports from all three credit-reporting agencies. Under federal law, it's your right because it's your name. Reporting any mistakes on your credit report is the key to keeping your credit record clean. It could affect home buying, car buying, and loan application, basically your financial future.
11/27/06 Daniel Britt Money Saving Monday: Making your home look like a million dollars>> Adding rugs, changing lampshades and moving furniture can all update the look of a room. Many people want their home to look like a million bucks, but what happens when you don't have a million to spend? Redecorating can cost a bundle, but there are many ways to have a beautiful home without breaking the bank. Adding area rugs, changing lampshades and moving furniture can all help update the look of a room. “One of the first things people can do is really re-accessorize. You get used to something sitting in the same place so to gather everything and reposition it is one way to make it new. It can create a totally different look,” said one interior designer. Family snapshots, paintings and fresh flowers are also inexpensive but attractive ways to decorate. Plus, painting or adding wall covering can help to liven up a room. “Another inexpensive way to add texture is with wall covering. Wall covering was out of favor at one point and now seems to be back in favor.” Along with being attractive, designers say it's also important for homes to be comfortable. “People are looking for a lot more creature comforts. It's more important to have a comfortable home then it is to have this beautiful stately home that nobody uses." Decorators suggest the best way to save money is to plan out how you want your room to look. They say shop around to find the best deals, and talk to a decorator who can help you get the most for your money.
11/06/06 Daniel Britt Money Saving Monday: Start early! Even teaching your kids to keep their pennies in a bank can have a life long impact. Once children pass the age of putting money in their mouths, it's time to teach them how to manage it. The problem is many kids don't understand the value of a dollar. Indiana State Treasurer Tim Berry says, "When I tell my son, ‘I don't have any money,’ his response is, ‘Well, just go take your card and go to the machine and get some cash out dad’. They think that there's an endless supply and you just go get it out of the machine." Plus, as soon as most children get money, they spend it on things like video games, junk food and toys. There’s a recommended financial plan that should be done with children saving through the rule of thirds. "Saving a third long-term, saving a third for short to medium term, something they really want that they can put that saving goal with, and then spending a third on their needs today." For young children, Berry suggests getting books that teach saving in a fun way. Also, have them put loose change in a piggy bank. Then, when they get older, start an allowance. It then becomes money they earn, not just receive. Finally, start a savings account for your child. Have them track the deposits and interest, so they know exactly how much they're making. Then set a savings goal, like money towards college. Children won't become savers overnight but experts say by starting young, and practicing good habits, they'll make good financial decisions when they grow up. Crown Financial Ministries has resources available for children at crown.org
10/30/06 Daniel Britt Money Saving Monday: If you're looking for a good bargain, there's a way to buy new items for a less-than-new price. More and more savvy consumers are snapping up "refurbished" products. There is an account of someone who bought a gently used X-Box for a $50 discount. He also has a TV that was sort of new. The technical term for both items is: "refurbished." Those who get the discounts say buying refurbished items works for them. Jean Chatzky of Money magazine says if handled correctly, refurbished items shouldn't have problems. “It can be a great buy for consumers. It can save anywhere from 10-50% on merchandise that's been refurbished, depending on what it is, and how lightly it was used. EB Games sells refurbished game systems. That can mean the item had minor repairs, has been factory tested and is still operable. You can also save by buying "open box" items. These products may simply have been opened, never used, and returned, but can't be sold as "new." Chatzky says before being lured by the price, consumers need to check out what kind of warranty comes with a refurbished product. “You have to make sure that you buy it in such a way and the transaction is done in such a way that there's some consumer protection standing behind you,” she says. The typical refurbished or open box warranty is half as long as a warranty on new merchandise but some companies offer more. While there's no government-regulated definition of "refurbished", those items cannot be sold as new and most times will come in plain white or brown boxes, that are clearly marked. One item experts say is not worth buying "re-conditioned" is a cell phone. Most companies offer free cell phones when you sign up for a plan, or at least have some kind of promotion for the latest technology.
10/16/06 Daniel Britt Money Saving Monday: Grocery Savings>> I buy all of my veggies and fruits from a local veggie stand. They seem to be cheaper and it always has so much more flavor than the things I buy from the supermarket. I also think it is fresher too. Spray N Wash Alternative>> I use dish soap (as a Spray N Wash alternative). I just put a tad bit on and rub it in and let it sit for a little while and then throw it in the wash. It works great! But don't use too much soap or you will have a hard time getting it out of the washer.
10/9/06 Daniel Britt Money Saving Monday: Your tires can be a money-saver…There's big money to save on tires also, believe it or not, off brands are made by the big guys. One expert says, "Most of the off-brand tires that you've never heard of are manufactured by a major manufacturer such as Goodyear. So as far as the quality is concerned, you know the quality is just as good, but people have not heard of the off-brand tire." Tires are rated by the government for tread-wear, traction and temperature. It's the rating, not the brand that tells you how good a tire is. For example a Uniroyal tire with a government tread-wear rating of 500, costs $79.00 and off-brand Cordavan tire with a higher tread-wear rating costs $49.00. In this case, a set of four higher-rated off-brand tires would actually cost you $120.00 less than a set of four brand name tires. On fuel…If you like to use mid-grade fuel, don't take it out of the mid-grade tank. Use half a tank of premium and half of regular. You'll get a higher octane than mid-grade at a lesser price.
10/2/06 Daniel Britt Money Saving Monday: Save money by changing your oil There are big savings to be had in oil changes as well. A new car dealership can charge $30.00 to $75.00 for an oil change. Various quick lube operations get about $35.00. Instead try going to a tire store, where, as a loss leader, an oil change could cost you as little as $12.95, but be careful not to do other things you don't need. An ASI certified mechanic said, "Transmission fluid doesn't need to be changed every time, rear differentials fluid doesn't need to be changed every time and coolant doesn't need to be changed every time." Changing these fluids too often will not hurt your car, but it will hurt your wallet.
09/25/06 Daniel Britt Money Saving Monday: Saving money on car care The price of gas has skyrocketed and because of it your checkbook may be taking a hit. However, when it comes to prices at the pump, and your car in general, there are some ways to keep your checking account from running on empty. Forget why the price of gasoline is so high there's not much you can do about it, but there is still room to save if you know the difference between octane fact and fiction. No name gas is as good as name brand gas. It's the same gas. The price difference between branded gas and off-brand gas can be huge, as much as 20-cents a gallon. Now that that cat's out of the bag, here's another tip. Unless you drive one of the very few makes of cars that require premium fuel, don't buy it. "It's not necessary unless your car specifically calls for it," In fact if your car doesn't need it, it's like throwing away 20 to 25-cents per gallon.
08/28/06 Daniel Britt Money Saving Monday… household hints… Cleaning Lint Trap I have no idea how many people have this problem, but even though I would clean my lint trap out, the clothes would take FORVER to dry! Well, I pull the lint trap out, washed it with a toothbrush and dish soap, to clean and clear the holes out and now I don't have any more problems! My clothes get dry faster PLUS it is saving on our electric bill!
08/21/06 Daniel Britt Money Saving Monday: Easy Natural Cleaner I use this for everything! It works great for floors, cupboards and walls. If you add some salt to it, its a great bathtub cleaner! Spray bottle fill with 1/2 water and 1/2 vinegar and add a few drops of tea tree oil To clean the bathtub I spray it on the tub and then sprinkle the salt on and just scrub away. IT gets everything off. It works well for rusty water and it leaves the house smelling awesome. -- Kimberley
08/14/06 Daniel Britt Money Saving Monday: Buying a New Vehicle When buying a new vehicle, use the internet web sites www.kbb.com and www.edmunds.com to find out the MSRP and invoice price of the vehicle. The websites will let you compare vehicles and even give you rebate information. You can also requests quotes on-line and use them to get a lower price on the vehicle at your local dealership. (When requesting on-line quotes, use your husband's/man's name as dealerships tend to give better pricing to men!!! Just request to contacted by email only.) I just bought a Nissan Altima with all the options/color I wanted for $2500 under invoice with no face-to-face haggling! What a great deal! -- Brenda, 38
08/07/06 Daniel Britt

Money Saving Monday: Soap Dispensers Buy inexpensive bubble bath and use it to fill your bathroom soap dispensers. The bubble bath often comes in great scents and you get four times as much soap for your hard earned money. -- Alexandria, 37

Snack Keepers Looking for the perfect snack cups? My boys love to eat cereal, snacks, even ice cream and yogurt out of single serve fruit, applesauce and jello cups. After eating their applesauce, jello or fruit, I stick the cups in the dishwasher and we use them over and over. Perfect for young kids and small portions. They're also great for paint and art projects.-- Tara, 33

07/28/06 Daniel Britt

Money Saving Monday: Leftovers Don't throw away those ends of a loaf of bread! Instead freeze them to make croutons and stuffing. For croutons: Cut bread into squares and toss with some Italian dressing, then bake (350) till crispy and you have great tasting croutons. -- Christy, 38

Car Buying I totally agree with the tip about arming yourself with info before shopping for a new car and I would like to add that you should check the value of your trade in at bluebook.com as well. I went in the dealership with a toddler in tow and walked out with a deal that you would not beleive! I had the info behind me and and kept saying, "that is just not my price." I stood my ground and was more than prepared to walk away. It took saying it MULTIPLE TIMES so GET UP AND WALK TOWARD THE DOOR! -- Lisa, 40

07/24/06 Daniel Britt

Money Saving Monday: Meat Shopping My favorite is deal is on buying meat. I go to the grocery store early in the morning and go directly to the meat department. I look for the reduced meats. They may have the sell-by date the day you are there, but they're not outdated. I buy what I need and put it in the freezer. I save from $1.00 up to $5.00. -- Brenda, 56.

Scrapbooking Sometimes we buy a sheet of stickers because there are 1 or 2 on it that we want. So, when getting together with other scrapbookers, bring stickers you don't want and have a sticker swap meet. It saves you money and having to hang on to stickers you may never use. -- Sue, 48.

07/17/06 Daniel Britt Money Saving Monday: Dryer Sheet Replacement I started using 1/2 cup to a cup of white vinegar in the rinse cycle. It cuts the residue of the soap and is a deodorizer. It will make 'em soft and smell clean. The vinegar smell goes away when they dry, there is no odor. It's also color safe. It also works well if you are allergic to traditional fabric softener products.
07/10/06 Daniel Britt

Money Saving Monday: One thing we've started to do to save money on restaurant food: take out. We call in the order and my husband will go pick it up. We don't spend money on drinks, tips or dessert. A meal in the restaurant that averages $30 could be as low as $18 when picked up and eaten at home. --

When eating fast food I have been known to order a kids meal for myself. It's big enough to satisfy me. Have you seen the Taco Bell kids meal? It's too much for a kid: 2 soft tacos, cinnamon twist, a drink, and nachos and cheese.

07/03/06 Daniel Britt

Money Saving Monday: Cheap Road Trip Ideas Think about taking your crockpot packed full of a couple of menus you plan ahead for use in the hotel. For the lunches just start them before you go to bed on low. My husband did this on his last business trip. It worked really well since he could do about anything he wanted during the day and still come home to a full meal already cooked.

Cheap Meals About the cheapest meal that I know of is Fideo. It's kind of a Mexican spaghetti. A package in the hispanic section costs 47 cents. Fry it for a minute or so in oil or crisco, then add one 8 ounce can of tomato sauce - 25 cents- and 2 cans water. Let it boil about 7 minutes, and it's done. Kids love it! Cheese on top is good, but it isn't necessary if you can't afford it. This also goes well with pinto beans. You can cook them in the crock pot all day and then mash them and you have a great protein for about 50 cents.

06/26/06 Daniel Britt

Money Saving Monday: Broken Crayons Preheat your oven to 275 degrees. Gather your broken crayons and peel the paper off of them. Break any large crayon pieces so none are longer than an inch long. Line the cups of a muffin tin with aluminum foil or baking cups. Place crayon pieces in each cup of the muffin tin. You may use only one color per cup or combine colors. Place the muffin tin in the oven and bake it for approximately 10 minutes. Remove the tin from the oven and allow it to cool completely. Take each cup out and remove the paper or foil from your new crayons.

Homemade Weed Killer In a tall spray bottle put the following: Vinegar (full-strength) Salt (about 1 tsp) Dish soap (just a few drops) This really works! But use caution - it will kill plants, flowers, etc.

06/19/06 Daniel Britt Money Saving Monday: Cheaper Popcorn My neighbor said that they now buy the bags of popcorn kernels and pop it themselves on the stove. I did this and bought it from Cub for 2/$3.00. It only takes 3 Tbls. of oil and 1/3 cup of kernels in the pot. That's hardly anything from the bag, and it popped a huge pot of popcorn! It tasted great and the kids loved it too! -- This is how I make my own microwave popcorn from those kernel bags. Take one small brown paper bag dump in approx. 1/3 cup of kernels, fold the end over a couple of times and pop in microwave on the popcorn setting. --
06/12/06 Daniel Britt Money Saving Monday: Kids Art The greatest way I have found to keep up with all of my son's art projects is to keep them in old pizza boxes. I take the ones that stayed clean, spray paint or contact paper them, and they are great for keeping art projects without crushing or bending them. They are a great space-saving way too, you can stack them high without crushing or turn them on end like books. You can also write dates or ages on the side. -- Melany, 45 It Worked for Me: Teething I used to squeeze water into my son's pacifier and put it in the freezer until it was nearly frozen. When he was cutting his front teeth it would calm him right down if they were bugging him, and he loved it. I would rotate them out so I always had a fresh one for him. NOTE: Never freeze them solid though because it can damage the rubber or silicone if it gets frozen solid.
05/22/06 Daniel Britt Money Saving Monday: Fabric Softener Instead of buying a new bottle of liquid fabric softener all the time, use this great tip. Take an old towel that is ready for the rag pile and cut the usable parts into the size of a fabric softener sheet. Take 2 or 3 of the "sheets" and put them in a bowl and cover with liquid fabric softener and let sit for about a half an hour. Take the "sheets" out and squeeze all the fabric softener out and put back in the bottle. Hang the "sheets" over your over door or wherever you dry things and let dry completely. One "sheet" will do at least 20 loads of clothes. This "sheet" does not leave spots on sweatshirts, etc. It works great and you only need to buy a bottle of fabric softener once every 3-4 years. Talk about saving money. It's awesome. -- Connie, 47
05/15/06 Daniel Britt

Money Saving Monday: Cleaning Rather than buying the more expensive Windex glass cleaner, just buy a spray bottle (or use an empty Windex one) and a bottle of white vinegar. Mix ¼ cup vinegar with 1 cup water and get cleaning. This solutions works just as great as Windex at just a fraction of the cost. -- Michelle, 30

Swapping Toys My sister and I like to swap toys to save money on buying the new expensive toys. Our kids are similar in age and get tired of playing with the same toys so it's like getting a new toy! We swap for a couple of months and then trade for something else. It also works for DVDs. -- Stephanie, 31

05/1/06 Daniel Britt

Money Saving Monday: Don't Throw it Away This may sound silly, but works great. Instead of throwing away pantyhose after wearing them only a few times. Cut them into bands. They are stretchy, washable and very practical. I use them to tie my hair, secure shoeboxes, making cabinets inaccessible by banding knobs together, hang small toys from stroller, etc. Use they same way you would use rubber bands but soo much better! -- Linda, 44

Organization I buy the small Easter buckets from the $1 spot at Target (the little metal bright colored ones) and use them for crayons, markers, scissors and other art supplies for my 3 year old. We wait until just after the season and can usually get them on sale at 4 for $1. We also used the little buckets for hair ribbons, pony tail holders and barrettes. We also buy extra buckets to fill with inexpensive or clearanced art supplies and give as gifts. -- Julie, 38

04/24/06 Daniel Britt Daniel Britt - 4/24/06 Did you ever stop to ask what a yoke is really for? Is it to be a burden to the animal which wears it? It is just the opposite: it is to make its burden light. Attached to the oxen in any other way than by a yoke, the plow would be intolerable; worked by means of a yoke, it is light. A yoke is not an instrument of torture; it is an instrument of mercy. It is not a malicious contrivance for making work hard; it is a gentle device to make hard labor light. [Christ] knew the difference between a smooth yoke and a rough one, a bad fit and a good one... The rough yoke galled, and the burden was heavy; the smooth yoke caused no pain, and the load was lightly drawn. The badly fitted harness was a misery; the well fitted collar was "easy". And what was the "burden"? It was not some special burden laid upon the Christian, some unique infliction that they alone must bear. It was what all men bear: it was simply life, human life itself, the general burden of life which all must carry with them from the cradle to the grave. Christ saw that men took life painfully. To some it was a weariness, to others failure, to many a tragedy, to all a struggle and a pain. How to carry this burden of life had been the whole world's problem. And here is Christ's solution: "Carry it as I do. Take life as I take it. Look at it from my point of view. Interpret it upon my principles. Take my yoke and learn of me, and you will find it easy. For my yoke is easy, sits right upon the shoulders, and therefore my burden is light." ... Henry Drummond (1851-1897), Pax Vobiscum
04/24/06 Daniel Britt Money Saving Monday: Homemade Room Deodorizer Combine: 1 C. vinegar, 1 tsp. cinnamon, 1 tsp. ground cloves and 1 tsp. allspice. Combine all ingredients in a microwave-safe dish and heat until almost boiling. Set out in the room, & soon the room will be odor-free. This will reduce both food and cigarette smoke odors.
04/17/06 Daniel Britt Money Saving Monday: Outlet Stores If shopping at Outlet Malls makes you feel better about spending money, beware! Recently, Consumer Reports conducted an undercover operation at hundreds of outlet stores across the country. They found that only one third of shoppers buy things at a bargain. Only a third! Consumer Reports recommends hitting the outlets around opening time in the mornings, shopping mid-week instead of on weekends or go at dinnertime to find the best deals on "irregulars."
04/10/06 Daniel Britt

Money Saving Monday: Diaper Rash Scorched flour works better than baby powder on a baby's bottom when they have diaper rash. Put a layer of flour on a baking pan and put it in the oven on broil. Stir it every now and again and it is done when it turns brown. It really stinks, so beware -- but it does work. This has been passed down for many years.

Latte at Home A friend of mine just told me how to make lattes at home. Steam your milk in the microwave, buy some coffee flavoring (I bought vanilla for 3.50 at the store) and make really strong coffee (almost like mud, for an expresso shot). With all of these together I think I can make about 50 cups of latte for under $10.

04/07/06 Daniel Britt SPRING CLEANING TIP Stop yellowing of white appliances. Mix 1/2 cup bleach, 1/4 cup baking soda and 4 cups of warm water. Apply with a sponge and let set for 10 minutes. Rinse and dry thoroughly.
04/03/06 Daniel Britt

Money Saving Monday: Envelopes Have you ever accidentally sealed an envelope and then think of something you need to add to it? Put the envelope in the freezer for a few hours, then slide a knife under the flap. The envelope can then be resealed. -- Tonia, 32

Birthday Parties I recently learned of some great birthday gift ideas for parents concerned about their kids having too many toys. A couple of ideas are movie tickets, tickets to special events like Disney on Ice, or vouchers for free lessons (art or piano classes). My absolute favorite (and fairly frugal) idea was taping Chuck E. Cheese tokens inside a birthday card. It doesn't take up a lot of space and kids love it. -- Stephanie, 31

04/03/06 Daniel Britt From BreakPoint with Charles Colson>> In one aisle, the local computer store sells a single CD for between $99 and $299. In the next aisle, they carry multi-pack CDs for less than a dollar per disc. Why the drastic price discrepancy? They're both made of the same plastic. The difference is, of course, that the cheap compact discs are blank -- while the expensive ones are encoded with various versions of Microsoft's Windows XP operating system. The analogy for explaining the difference is the chemist who calculated the value of the chemicals in his body. Computing the cost of the carbon, iron, calcium, and the other elemental chemicals on the periodic table of the elements -- he found his body was worth ninety-seven cents. But that's not the way the chemicals appear in living bodies. When he calculated the value of the hemoglobin, insulin, and other complex organic compounds that actually composed his body, he realized he was worth more than $6 million! That's what the body's programming does. It's information technology from the DNA, which is why many scientists are now talking about Intelligent Design of the body.
03/29/06 Daniel Britt

What's Cooking: Amish Macaroni & Cheese

1 (16 ounces) container cottage cheese (I use low fat)
16 ounces uncooked elbow macaroni
16 ounces water
16 ounces shredded cheddar cheese

Put Cottage Cheese in 9 x 13 cake pan. Add Macaroni. Add Water. Add shredded cheese. Stir together. Place in preheated 300* oven. Take out after 30 minutes and stir. Place back into oven for 30 more minutes (make sure you check it every few minutes after another 20 minutes because you do not want to overbake it or it will dry out).

03/27/06 Daniel Britt

Money Saving Monday: Drying Clothes>> I can tell you there is a huge difference in my electric bill since my dryer went out and I have HAD to hang everything to dry. There is a nearly $35 decrease in my bill since not using the dryer! When I do get it fixed, I will probably still hang most things and then just run them through on a low cycle to remove lint and pet hair! …

Mattress Pads>> When your mattress pad gets worn out and the edges start tearing off, cut them apart and make smaller pads for cribs, pack and plays, or twin beds. Cut them to size of the bed and stitch around the edge. Works wonderfully Or, use as quilt batting.

03/17/06 Daniel Britt Money Saving Monday: Curtain Liner Recycling Save those old shower curtain liners! They make good covers for your table when your kids are doing crafts. Use it under your picnic blanket, or toss in in your trunk for sitting on wet bleachers, etc. (cut it down as needed). They also make nice drop cloths for when your painting or staining something.
03/13/06 Daniel Britt

Money Saving Monday: Tired of those stinky diaper pails? Use your avid hunter's descent spray after cleaning diaper pail with your favorite cleaner and water and the smell disappears! This has saved me from replacing it several times now.  -- Cindy, age 36

Foam Hand Soap I had one of those foam soap bottles that ran out. I just refill it with a small amount of soap (1/3 full) and the rest with water. Shake it really well to mix together. I can't tell a difference between the original and what I have been making up. -- C.G.

03/06/06 Daniel Britt

Money Saving Monday: Wallpaper Remover: We just bought a house in which the previous owners were HUGE fans of wallpaper borders! One in EVERY room! Spray window cleaner (Windex, Zep, or generic) works better than any store-bought wallpaper remover. You can either score the wallpaper, then spray on the window cleaner - or - begin peeling the patterned layer off (leaving the glue paper backing), then just spray and peel! -- Brenda, 35, …

Air Freshener: I bought those "tree" air freshners you hang in your car and hadn't gotten around to putting in the car yet when the thought came to my mind to hang them around the house. I hung one in the bedroom from the window latch and also one in the living room. The rooms smell so fresh and it only cost me $1.00 for two of them. The previous week I had purchased your regular name brand freshners. You can hardly smell them and they cost about twice as much. -- Cindy, 46

03/04/06 Daniel Britt Audio>> Daniel Britt talks to Lily Isaacs of the Isaacs
02/27/06 Daniel Britt Money Saving Monday: Kid’s Clothing… Kelly, 35, from IN shares: I have found that sometimes "saving money" means spending money on the right things. For instance, I purchase good jeans and pants for my 12 year old and don't concentrate too much on the price. Since she wears these more often and is generally harder on them, it pays to get good quality so they'll last longer...sometimes even on to the next child! But, when it comes to T shirts and tops, I pick a dollar amount and see how many tops we can get for that amount. This is almost a game that my daughter and I play to see who can come up with the most! Also, watch for faddish types with fancy designs on the front. They usually cost much more than plain colored shirts and they can be worn with more clothes usually. And, always check the clearance racks before you leave the store. Many times you'll find something that has just gotten dirty and can easily be washed or repaired at a fraction of the cost!
02/20/06 Daniel Britt

Money Saving Monday: From Fred Smith, Dallas, Texas>> Life Management Priorities Several years ago I discovered a management principle for controlling my activities. It is: "the scarcest resource in your life will determine how much you can do." For example, Mary Alice and I had $5.00 between us when we married with an income of $25.00 a week. With money's being the scarcest item in our life we found that we had to control all of our activities with the money we had because we didn't believe in debt. One of the results was that I learned to be our own maintenance man. If anything needed doing I had to do it or learn to do it. As time went on our income increased considerably and I realized that time was my scarcest resource. So my control point changed from money to time. I stopped spending my time saving small bits of money and employed others to do things that would save me time. This continued into middle life when I realized that my energy was less than my time. And so I had to invest my energy rather than spend it. As I came into my senior years energy continued to be my point of control and I had to change to meaning. I could not afford to spend energy on things that I felt were meaningless. You can see I have made four changes from money to time to energy to meaning. It was important that I recognize the time of change as soon as it occurred. I have friends who deny the change. For example, they deny that their energy is decreasing and they treat it as a temporary situation. Others keep up habits such a repeating the saving of energy without shifting to meaning. I believe that this concept can genuinely be profitable. This week think about: 1) what is your scarcest resource? 2) is it truly your scarcest? 3) what shift should you be making right now?

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02/13/06 Daniel Britt Money Saving Monday: Here are some creative valentine's day ideas that won’t break the bank: If you are not the usual cook, you could fix a nice meal, set out the good dishes and light candles-and best of all-clean up the mess! Or, you can create coupons to be redeemed for future dates; you could make your own greeting card using magazine cutouts that bring back memories, pasted on paper and laminated; or for a fun game of hide and seek…hide encouraging notes for your spouse or for your children to find.
02/06/06 Daniel Britt

Money Saving Monday: Kids' Clothes I buy my son's Levi's jeans (school pants) at Sears. I save all tags and receipts. They offer a free replacement pair when damaged (in the same size). My son is very hard on his knees and I've replaced the same investment 3 times this year! I wait until they go on sale and really "stock up"! You must have the tags and receipt to "exchange". -- Lorie, 39

Thermos Cleanup My husband uses a thermos for coffee everyday. Each night I fill it with hot water and a denture tablet (purchases at the dollar store) before I do the rest of the dinner dishes. By the time the dishes are done, I just rinse out the thermos well and this way there is no build up inside and his coffee always tastes fresh. -- Suzanne, 33

01/30/06 Daniel Britt Money Saving Monday: This money saving tip is so simple and brings in so much cash, it's almost hard to believe! It turns out your meal choices at lunchtime can really fatten up your wallet. You can save, literally, thousands of dollars just by bagging your lunch. Every lunch hour, you can count on a full drive thru at fast food joints, but take out is taking in a lot of your cash. But brown-bagging it makes a big difference to your dollar: much more than you might think. Assuming your average takeout meal costs about $6 and a bagged lunch costs $3.50, you'll save $50 a month by bagging your lunch every day. Over a 30-year career, you'll save nearly $20,000 just by packing your lunch. Even if you splurge, and go out to lunch once a week, you'll still save about $40-bucks and more than $14,000 over your career.
01/2006 Daniel Britt


We have been featuring excerpts from our interview with the film's producer, Bill Ewing. You can download the interview in its entirety to your iPod, Computer, or MP3 player by clicking here.

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01/23/06 Daniel Britt Money Saving Monday: Ever wonder what a phone company's biggest competitor is? Your cell phone! Millions of Americans are cutting the cord when it comes to landline phones. Now more than ever, people rely on cell phones for all of their calls. Although there are advantages to both, the switch is dialing up big savings for some consumers. Wireless is the way to go according to cell phone retailers. The portable hand-held phones provide cost-cutting conveniences as extra incentives for customers. "If you're going to pay a bill for a landline and a cellular phone, why not combine them into one? It's just saving people money, cutting expenses and cutting costs." But there are pluses and minuses to cutting the cord. Cellular services seem to change every few months with different deals and newer phones and many require a contract. Landlines on the other hand go unchanged and don't usually require any type of legal agreement. With a cell phone, users run the risk of poor reception, dropped calls and exceeding monthly minutes. To keep people from cutting the cord, some landline phone companies now offer unlimited long distance calling.
01/16/06 Daniel Britt Money Saving Monday: Heating your home efficiently as gas prices skyrocket… Every winter, we hear about the do's and don'ts of heating our homes and little things that could cut a few bucks off our bill. It turns out, when it comes to winter heating, spending money could actually save you money and sometimes quite a bit! Cutting winter finances starts with your furnace. One of the things that you need to do on a yearly basis is have your furnace maintenanced by a licensed contractor here in the area. That can save you anywhere from 10-20% on a yearly basis with utility savings. There are more simple ways to save. One of the biggest things they can do is make sure that your furnace filter is checked on a monthly basis. A clean filter could clear $60 off a yearly bill. Fine-tuning your home's temperature is also key. Another way to save is to buy a humidifier. You can keep the temperature a few degrees lower, but still stay warm, because humid air feels warmer. Humidifiers can cut about 5% off of utility costs.
01/09/06 Daniel Britt Money Saving Monday:The phone number 1-800-FREE-411 offers free directory assistance service. One of the many changes that has taken place in the telephone industry in the last few decades is that while phone companies once generally provided their local customers with free directory assistance (via the 411 phone number), in most cases telephone customers are now charged a fee (typically $1.00 or more) for each directory assistance call. Despite the charges, U.S. consumers continue to avail themselves of the 411 directory assistance service, placing about 6 billion such calls per year. Now, however, an outfit called Jingle Networks is providing an alternative directory assistance service - and it's free. Users who call the toll-free number 1-800-FREE411 (or 1-800-373-3411) can navigate a nifty automated voice recognition system that asks for a location (city and state), type of listing (business, government, or residential), and name. Once the service has located an entry for the requested number, it reads the information aloud and offers the caller the option of connecting to the number by pressing a single number on his telephone keypad. In some cases, you may have to listen to a short advertisement before the information is given to you.

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